The Ramsay Foundation

The Ramsay Foundation is a charitable and tax exempt foundation domiciled in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1998 with the intention to enhance education and to further culture in the widest sense.

In order to fulfil the foundation's goals efficiently with the financial assets at its disposal, the board of directors has created guidelines for its donations. These focus on institutions and/or organizations educating and serving children and young people up to the age of 20.

Approximately one third of all donations support organizations in Switzerland, one third in Europe and one third in various countries around the world.


Excerpts from the annual report 2016

The Board is actively engaged in moving forward with the building project in Bern. Upon completion of the school building capital flows should increase which will lead to more funding for projects. For the year 2016 donations were approved for children’s circus projects and for orchestra and choir projects mainly in Switzerland.

Basel, 26. August 2016

The Board

Cooperation with the Organisation SEKEM in Egypt

SEKEM in Egypt is a nonprofit NGO which has dedicated itself to sustainable development in a wide range of activities. Nutrition, textiles, body care as well as new social forms of commerce and new forms of living space and protective measures for the earth's natural resorces are a few of the greatly diversified activities at SEKEM. The Ramsay Foundation will engage itself in fundraising activities for SEKEM.