The Ramsay Foundation

The Ramsay Foundation is a charitable and tax exempt foundation domiciled in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1998 with the intention to enhance education and to further culture through a wide scope of supportive activities.

In order to fulfil the foundation's goals efficiently with the financial assets at its disposal, the board of directors has created guidelines for its donations. These focus on institutions and/or organizations educating and serving children and young people up to the age of 20.

Donations are primarily granted in Switzerland. In some cases projects in other countries as well as in developing economies receive funding.


The Foundation acknowledges and regrets the burdensome situation for refugees and tries engage in projects to help those affected children. 


Excerpts from the annual report 2021



Cooperation with the Organisation SEKEM in Egypt

SEKEM in Egypt is a nonprofit NGO which has dedicated itself to sustainable development in a wide range of activities. Nutrition, textiles, body care as well as new social forms of commerce and new forms of living space and protective measures for the earth's natural resorces are a few of the greatly diversified activities at SEKEM. The Ramsay Foundation will engage itself in fundraising activities for SEKEM.  > SEKEM


Further grants were approved for the Sekem Initiative in Egypt. Because of travel restrictions the exchange with Europe for Teacher training for the Sekem school as well as teacher tutoring for professors at the Heliopolis University in Cairo had to be reduced. We hope that this cultural exchange can soon resume to prior levels.

Sekem is a leading non-profit organisation for extracting C02 from the atmophere and depositing it in the top soil.  Sekem is also a pioneer in the Middle East in its efforts to transform dessert areas into cultivated farm land.


In 2021 the foundation supported eduational programs in museums, concerts and childrens' performances, leisure and nature experiences among many other cultural events.


Basel, 13 April 2022

The Board