We are extremely happy to announce that our partner organization SEKEM and the biodynamic association, shared together with two other organizations from India and the USA, have received the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity. Sekem was was awarded and honored for its leading role in enabling local farmers in Egypt to adapt sustainable and regenerative methods of farming. Their contribution to farming has led to the creation and enlargement of vast fertile acreages of land in Egypt which is farmed by thousands of farmers.

The Prize was awarded by the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Lissabon Portugal.

The year 2023 -

The Foundation continued its focus on museum exhibitions and educational activities for children in museums. On top of this the Foundation supported a mumber of initiatives centered around agriculture, gardening and forest preservation with children.

Cooperation with the Organisation SEKEM in Egypt

Further grants were approved for the Sekem Initiative in Egypt. 

Sekem is a leading non-profit organisation for extracting C02 from the atmophere and depositing it in the top soil.  Sekem is also a pioneer in the Middle East in its efforts to transform dessert areas into cultivated farm land.

Furthermore, the foundation helped to finance a carpentry workshop at the Sekem initiative in Egypt, at which young people can apprentice and learn cabinet making and sell their objects on the open market. This training opens new perspectives for individuals living outside the larger cities in Egypt, which otherwise may not be accessable to them.

The Board

What we support

Education, Teaching and Culture

In the field of teaching and education the foundation concentrates on projects that are as close as possible to the child or adolescent up to the age of 20. As examples, the foundation approves grants for:

  • Museum pedagogy
  • Ecology and nature projects
  • Music, dance, performing arts, visual arts
  • Performances for or with children or adolescents.
  • Recitative and literary projects

Donations are not granted for:

Scholarships, infrastructure and large scale projects as well as film and digital projects do not belong to the foundation’s central focus for funding. 

The Founder Freda Ramsay Freda Ramsay, the founder of the Ramsay Foundation, was born in 1910 in Liverpool, Great Britain. She studied art, education, history and languages. As a teacher she spent many years in Africa and Jamaica. She met her husband, Major William Ramsay, in Egypt. Together they lived in Detroit (USA), India and Great Britain. Throughout her life Freda Ramsay dedicated herself to humanitarian and philanthropic activities. In the last years of her life she donated much of her wealth to educational and cultural causes. She died in England in the year 2002.